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Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. it accomplished the primary objectives of reversing the taliban's momentum on the battlefield and dramatically increased the size and capability of the afghan national security forces. to fully understand the impact of the surge, i think it is a good thing to remind ourselves where things stood in mid-2009. at that time, the momentum was clearly on the side of the taliban. the insurgency was steadily retaking key parts of afghanistan. any time that the -- that our forces would clear an area and then leave, it was immediately taken back by the taliban. there were no areas that were transitioned, mainly because the afghan national security forces were not capable to provide security on their own or counter the taliban. the result was that afghanistan faced the real prospect that the taliban would take over large parts of the country, which ultimately would have strengthened al qaeda's hand and provided it again with a safe haven from which to plan attacks on our homeland. in short, in mid-2009, i think there was a real risk that the mission in afghanistan might very well fail. thanks to the effo
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
de la ciudad de san luis potosi ---velasquez, conocido como "el taliban", es se√Ďalado como el jefe de plaza para el grupo delictivo en los estados de guanajuato, coahuila, aguascaliente s y zacatecas ---el gobierno de mexico ofreca hasta 3 millones de dolares por su captura. topvo ---en peru, la polica antidrogas anunci que decomisaron mas de mil ochocientas libras de cocana en tres operativos realizados en la selva central del pas ---las autoridades interceptaron dos avionetas con matrcula boliviana y un camion que transportaba el estupefacient e ---ocho personas fueron detenidas y varias armas de fuego fueron incautadas ---segn un reporte de las naciones unidas, peru es el segundo pas productor de hoja de coca en el mundo y en 2011, el cultivo de la droga se incremento en un 5 por ciento cesar --ahora veamos como estara el tiempo con ariel rodriguez... roll weather open take pkg stop for open cesar ---un vaso de leche por la manana podria proporcionar los nutrientes necesarios para un dia academico productivo para sus hijos... ---tamara centenoi nos amplia en el poder de saber.. tak
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
into afghanistan. the idea, they said, was to blunt the taliban's momentum. so here's the data he was looking at in terms of what the taliban's momentum was when he made his decision to send the surge. what you're looking at there on the left is the calendar year. it's what the military in afghanistan calls enemy initiated attacks. all the years of all fights in afghanistan all have that general sort of pattern where it peaks in the summer and drops in the winter. that's what they call the fighting season in afghanistan. looking at that, see what the overall level was. that was the first calendar year president obama was president. after looking at those numbers he decided to do the surge. that's the level of violence he was looking at when he sent more troops at the end of that year. now, three years later after the surge has ended, this is the level of attacks in this calendar year in 2012. so over 2010 and 2010 during the surge, right, we endured this level of enemy-initiated -- that's during the surge. we endured that level of enemy-initiated attacks. now after the surge, after all of tha
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Sep 28, 2012 2:00am PDT
. julian assange in the legal category as al qaeda and the taliban. the harold says they classified him as enemies of the state. wikileaks can now be charged with communicating with the enemy. officials at the movie theater where accused gunman james holmes opened fire during the midnight screening of the dark neither asking three victims to drop their lawsuits. the movie goers claim there wasn't enough security. the theater argues employees are not trained law enforcement. 12 people were killed and dozens more injured. >>> ainsley an actor best known for his stint on sons of anarchy is suspected of killing his landlord. >> it is a real life murder mystery of a hollywood star that has detectives searching for answers. he died tragically on the small screen passed away in real life. his name is johnny lewis known by many in the fx show sons of anarchy. he was found dead outside of his california home wednesday morning. >> we don't know whether he fell or committed suicide. he died as a result of a fall off of either the balcony or one of the roofs behind us. >> lewis is the loan suspect
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Sep 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
this discussion? why is this so difficult to do? >> the biggest nightmare, the taliban is for us to not leave the region, to have a partnership with the afghan people past 2014. my hope we would withdraw most of our troops in 2014. leave 15 or 20,000 behind to aid the afghan army to make sure there is never a chance for the taliban to take the country over militarily. they know that. what are they trying to do? they're trying to break the partnership apart, the taliban. jenna: would you take the troops and put them in libya and go after the people that murdered our ambassador? >> i would work with the libyan government and the libyan people to have a joint operation to go after the terrorists. in afghanistan i would tell the taliban, you will never come back in power through the use of force. we'll never let this place become a safe haven for terrorists. we'll withdraw a troops substantially but we'll leave a follow-on force behind. your days of hoping to take this country are over and those brave enough to help us will feel emboldened and those that don't will be driven out the region and de
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Sep 28, 2012 10:00am PDT
. an amazing piece of battlefield video. it involves an american soldier in a firefight with the taliban. not only does he live to tell the tale. he caught the battle on his helmet cam and posted sit online to show the world what our troops are up against. >> reporter: the video is not easy to watch. it gives an idea what our men and women in afghanistan are going through on a daily basis. the soldier in question says he was 2-3 minutes into this firefight when he turned his helmet camera on. the unnamed soldier says he was intentionally exposing himself to enemy fire to get this, to draw attention away from his squad that was pinned down in a different area. you see it kind of goes down the rocks here. you can hear and see the bullets hitting the rocks and the dirt around him. the soldier finally does duck behind some rocks to get some safety, but that's when his weapon is shot out of his hand. watch and listen to this part, megyn. >> i'm hit! i'm hit! i'i'm hit! >> reporter: he said it a number of times. he was shot four times. a lot of those were rico shea is and none of them pierced
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to con duct is al-qaeda and islamic magrad. their goal is the same everywhere. the taliban. it is global islamic rule. when bin laden in days that followed 9/11 he took that video out, he said this is for 80 years of disgrace. does anyone know what that means? that means 80 years after they broke up the call faith, they want one thing, they are not -- broke up the caliphate. they are not going to apologize. >> bob: to rush to judgment about the video is a mistake. no question about that. but the idea -- first of all, the libyan president has a real terrorist problem on his hands. that was his politics talking. nothing to do what -- >> kimberly: >> are you saying he's not right? >> eric: u.s. officials confirming it was labeled terrorism within the department, wherever within the f.b.i. or c.i.a. -- >> andrea: you were in the state department. you figured it out in five minutes. maybe you should be running things because they know far less than you do. what does that tell you? >> eric: we are running out of time. last night, hillary clinton was at an event where she said there is an al-qa
Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the fragmentation and taliban and puk are moving closer toward iran and you see it played out internally within the curd stan region. they will not permit, i don't see them saying anything about a independent kurdstan. they need the border open. >> it's an interesting point. on the southeast side, just to quickly -- i think traditionally the saudi arabias were told to e pose any kurdish independents. but i think this is changing. the whole war by proxy which i mentioned earlier between the saudi and the iranians would be perhaps likely to encourage more inindepends from the kurtish territory. to weaken iraq and therefore to weaken iran. and, you know, we were talking about the suenism and the kurds could be part of that. in that sense, that could be, i think they might be a switch today in the sue i did. on thepipeline that will pipeline will never reopen to saudi arabia. the saudis already transform the pipeline was built i was living in -- was built between the field down the saudi arabia and to, you know, west ward route directly to [inaudible] most of the portion that is going west is not b
Sep 28, 2012 12:00am PDT
caught ivan velazquez caballero, also known as "el taliban", along with two associates yesterday. this morning, mexican authorities paraded him before the media, wearing a bulletproof vest. caballero leads a faction of the powerful zetas cartel. he's the third cartel leader to be captured this month. territorial disputes between the zetas and gulf cartels have led to widespread violence in northern mexico in recent weeks. the u.s. army paused today for mandatory suicide prevention training. record high rates prompted the army-wide initiative. the number of suicides among service members each year has nearly doubled since 2005. and from june to july of this year the number of suicides outpaced combat deaths of active-duty soldiers. the last stand-down training for suicide prevention was in 2009. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: the state department is temporarily withdrawing more staff from the u.s. embassy in tripoli, libya for what it called security reasons, according to a department official in new york. meanwhile, the obama administratio
Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
awaiting trial. proudly a member of the taliban, he says no one encouraged him to do this. look at our situation. the foreigners kill our people, they insult our religion burning the holy quran and making cartoons of prophet muhammad. if we do not defend islam, then we are not islam. suicide bombing attacks are now daily occurrences in afghanis n afghanistan. and the method of the insurgents are constantly changing. the enemy don't use their old tactics, now they use women, sometimes children and teenagers. they even get dressed up in military uniforms. they don't fight face-to-face, they're cowards. the taliban denies using children as suicide bombers, the facts tell a very different story. authorities say just a few days ago a 10 yerld boy managed to escape from insurgents who were going to make him wear a suicide vest so he could blow himself up in front of coalition troops. ruhallah has a 4-year-old son who he says he loves and misses very much. when i ask him how he'd feel if his child was used as a suicide bomber, he tells me -- if he wants to be a suicide bomber when he gets ol
Sep 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
awaiting tr proudly a membfhe taliban, he says noone encouraged him to do this. look at our situation. eoreigners kill our people, th insul our religion burning the holy quran and maki cartoons of prophet muhammad. if we donot defe islam, then we are n islam. suicide bombing attacks are now daily ences afghanist afghanistan. and the method of the insurgents are constantly changing. the enemy don't use their old taow tics, ny use women, metimes children and ers. ey everessed u in miliry ums. thon'tface-to-face, taban denies usg children as suicide bombers, the story.tell ay differ authoritiey just a few days ago a 10 yerld boy managed to escape from insurgents who were going to make him wear a suicide vest so he could blow himself up in front of coalition troops. ruhallah has a 4-year-old son who he says he loves and misses very much. when i ask him how he'd feel if his child was used as a suicide bomber, he tells me -- if he wants to be a suicide bomber when he gets older, well, then, no one can stop him. if he follows islam and does it for islam, then that's a good thing. at times h
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
zetas con la captura de ivan velazquez, alias "el taliban", seqalado como uno de los responsables de la violencia que afecta el norte del pais.el productor del video que se burla de mahoma fue detenido en los angeles por violar la libertad condicional en la que se encontraba desde que en 2010 fue declarado culpable de fraude bancario.y el presidente obama planea hablar hoy por telefono con el premier israeli, benjamin netanyahu, quien asiste a la asamblea general de la primera informacion en despierta
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)